NwAvGuy's Objective 2 Amp MO

NwAvGuy's Objective2 Amp MO

I will be offering NwAvGuy's O2 amp. For those who are unfamiliar with this amp, please click the following link and find out more: http://nwavguy.blogspot.com/2011/07/o2-headphone-amp.html. This amp is available ready-made only from 2 places and they are both overseas. I will be offering them to you at a lower cost, and with more customization options. For those interested in purchasing the ODAC, please look at point 6. This current MO had been closed. Please click here for more information on assembled O2 amps that are ready for immediate sale.

Terms and Conditions
1) Payment - Payment will be done in 2 stages. The first will be a deposit done using POSB fund transfer and the 2nd will be done when collecting the amp. The deposit has to be paid within a week from the payment request, and the collection+ 2nd payment has to be done within a month from payment request. Once the deposit has been paid, it will be forfeited if the buyer is not able to make the 2nd payment for any reason. Should a problem arises from the seller's side and that I am unable to provide the amp for you, the deposit will be fully refunded. If you're interested in buying the amp after I've collected the deposits, you will not be required to make a deposit and can wait till collection time to make the full payment. However, you will only be entitled to the basic build with rechargeable batteries, and with a wall transformer.

2) The warranty is 1 week only and it only applies to the PCB and all parts on it. If you dropped the amp, causing it to malfunction, that will not be covered under warranty. The amp will also be operated overnight prior to collection to ensure that it's working. The buyer will be requested to test the amp to ensure that it's working during collection.

3) All orders for parts will be placed once all deposits have been received. The amps will be ready for collection approximately 3 days after all parts have arrived. You will be periodically updated on the amps' status.

4) I will be making a minimum of 5 amps at a time, and there will be a blog post stating that for 1 week, anyone interested in getting an O2 amp from me will be able to customize their amp according to point 5. If there are more than 5 requests, I will make more sets. After the 1 week period, you can still reserve any available amps but they will only be available in the basic build with rechargeable batteries and wall transformer.

5) All parts used in the amp will be those found in NwAvGuy's BOM. The basic build will be for S$145, and it includes the amp with an enclosure, with acrylic face plate, without rechargeable batteries, without a wall transformer/power supply and with all gain resistors (interchangeable gains). More customized options and it's additional costs are as followed

- 2 9V 250mAh Tenergy batteries (S$15)

-Wall transformer (S$21)

-Enclosure, choose from black, silver, blue, green and red while stock lasts (no additional cost)

-Volume knob, black body with colored strip, choose from green, yellow, white, red, (no additional cost) or a metal knob from JDS Lab (S$8)

-Changing opamps to low power variations for better batteries life, but with slightly more noise and distortion (S$10)

-Changing 3.5mm phone jack's color, choose from light blue (default), black and green (one is for input, one is for headphone out, so please specify the color for each) (no additional cost)

-Push button for power switch and gain switch, choose from black (default), gray, red (no additional cost)

-LED light, red (default) or yellow

-JDS metal face plate (S$10)

Any additional cost due to customization will be added to the deposit.

6) Regarding the ODAC: Looking at NwAvGuy's instructions, it seems like an easy mod. However, before making that option available, I will be buying one set myself and fitting to an O2 amp. I will then calculate a cost and add it to this post. For now, I will only be offering the O2 amp, the O2+ODAC will happen in the future.

7) Some people have asked about the ODA desktop amp. According to NwAvGuy, the PCB will probably only be available for purchase in end Nov. I will likely be building that too. Since the ODA will have the same sound quality as the O2 amp with more input/output options, I say get the O2 amp now if you need a desktop or portable amp, rather than wait half a year more for the ODA.

If you're interested, have any questions, or will be interested in making an international purchase, please email me at twistedmetal16@gmail.com.

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